Real Time GPS Tracker for Trucks

Trucks are loaded with valuable items and failing to monitor these may result in pilferage. That’s why Auto Telematics Solutions has developed a real time GPS tracker for trucks. It enables the companies to track the entire movement of the trucks, right from their first to the last mile.

Advantages of Tracking Trucks

Live Traffic Patterns

GPS devices for truck tracking offer a real time traffic information. This will help the dispatchers to alert drivers if they are heading toward a congested area. They can also suggest an alternate route to ensure delivery on time.


Fleet managers often face a challenge to know where the drivers are and what they are doing. The Real time GPS tracker for trucks can identify the location of the drivers and determine whether they are not taking scheduled stops or travelling too fast. Other than monitoring fuel consumption, it also indicates if the vehicle is stolen or has met with an accident.

School Bus GPS Tracker System India

A GPS tracker system helps to monitor the movement of an asset in real-time. It provides accurate information about the location of an asset, such as a school bus, and helps to relieve anxiety of the stakeholders. The Auto Telematics Solutions (ATS) has developed an efficient school bus GPS tracker system in India to be used by schools or educational institutions. The system, apart from enabling the real-time tracking of the vehicle, can provide a slew of information. These include the speed of the vehicle, last stoppage distance with total km, fuel monitoring, ignition detail, and the distance travelled report, among others.

The efficient school bus GPS tracker system India records and displays a set of data about the vehicle to the stakeholders. It helps to prevent theft and recovery of the vehicle. As a parent or school owner, the live tracking of the school vehicle can be comforting. It helps to save costs, improve efficiency, and speed of delivery.

Cheap Bike Tracking System India

The theft of bikes has increased manifold with the law and order machinery grappling, often unsuccessfully, to address the problem. Our cheap bike tracking system India can help your bike to be tracked in real-time. It can help locate the bike should it gets stolen. Importantly, the system can switch off the bike’s ignition through a mobile app. With an all India coverage, the cheap bike tracking system can be an asset for the bike owners.

The tracking system comes with multiple features such as crash detection, geozone/geofence arrival or departure report, periodic service reminder, details of total distance travelled, historic data of the bike (180 days), and an over speeding alarm, among others. The cheap bike tracking system India can be easily operated through a smartphone and can beat the anxiety of an owner or driver.

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