About Us

We happen to be a young and dynamic company offering GPS based Tracking  solutions to asset owners in the East of  India. The software used by us is deployed in more than 100 countries and is known for providing efficient, effective, and real time tracking of movable assets like trucks, trippers, machinery & private vehicles.The company draws upon the experience and expertise of its owner in the logistics, mining, and automobile industry verticals.

Khatore’ IT Solutions Private Limited is aware of the importance of real time tracking of assets and the reliability of data in facilitating efficiency in working , reducing cost of operations , and achieving ROI. Our asset monitoring solutions boast of features that can help owners in keeping a track of their assets in real time. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system helps assets owners to win the trust of their clientele and stay up the competitive curve.

Features of our
auto telematics solutions

  • Real time
    live tracking

  • Trip Detail Report (All travel history of vehicle)

  • Speed or speedometer, last stoppage distance with total km

  • Accurate & Reliable

  • Fuel Monitoring

  • Live Traffic info

  • Ignition Detail/ Summary Reports

  • Distance Travelled Report

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